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The Rebrending of SEFA Holding Group and TIG


29 January 2024
After 45 years of dedicated service, SEFA HOLDING GROUP felt the need to add a new chapter in its journey: a rebranding initiative that puts the group straight into its new era and sets a significant milestone in its story.
From our foundation by Bruno Conti in 1978, our journey has been defined by a relentless pursuit of improvement, a commitment to quality, and a keen understanding of market needs.
From the distribution of Tool Steels, Sefa Acciai evolved to establish TIG Titanium International Group in 1999, a leading entity in the distribution and storage of titanium, steels, and alloys catering to the Aeronautic, Racing, Medical and Packaging sectors.

We felt it was time to grow with even more purpose, as we expanded into increasingly international markets.
It became essential to us to redefine our graphic identity and make it look like as close as possible to what we felt we have become.

From the words of the founder: “Improving also means recognizing the moment in wich an evolution is necessary and mandatory, in perfect harmony with the development and the constant investments that our companies have been making for years

Our new logos symbolize not just a visual transformation but a deeper dedication to progress, innovation and client-centric values.
The rebranding is a celebration of our past, a recognition of the present and a step into a future where SEFA Holding Group and TIG continue to lead with integrity,
quality and global perspective.