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TIG is a well known partner for the main players of the packaging industry. Kitting, capability to supply cut to size and surface treated parts, investment casting items, make TIG your strategic provider supporting  your supply chain of complex plants. We have long experience in sonotrodes, both welding and cutting, providing materials with the most proper micro structure, increased machinability and mechanical stability.
Ti6AL4V Sheets from thickness 0,4 mm to 6,0 mm ASTMB265
Ti6AL4V Plates from thickness 4,0 mm to 101,6 mm ASTM B265
Ti6AL4V Round bars from diameter 5 mm to 70 mm AMS2631, ASTM B348
Ti CP3 Gr.2 (T40) Plates from thickness 6 mm to 50 mm ASTM B265
Ti CP3 Gr.2 (T40) Round Bars from diameter 6 mm to 60 mm ASTM B348
17-4 Plates from thickness 4,0 mm to 65 mm ASTM A693, 1.4542, AMS2154
17-4 Round Bars from diameter 5 mm to 70 mm ASTM A564, 1.4542, AMS2154
17-4 Flat Bars from thickness 5mm to 70 mm 1.4542, AMS2154
17-4 Forged Bars from diameter 5mm to 70mm ASTM A564, 1.4542, AMS2154