Market sectors

Aerospace and defense

To satisfy the increasingly high technical demands of our customers, we have developed a very specific knowledge in the aerospace field during the years.

We are excellence partners of the most important players in the world and we have integrated our offer with tailor-cut pieces following our customers’ needs and drawing specifications.


We are on the front line in the biomedical field and we are able to provide certified products of the highest quality, always granting very strict dimensional tolerances, as required by the biomedical market.

Today we are also able to provide titanium discs ready for CAD/CAM machining, for the dental implantology sector.

Precision mechanics

As in the past the addition of calcium in the analysis of some austenitic stainless steels enhanced the smoothness of the tool, increasing its productivity and consequently decreasing its wear;

today, thanks to our experience and cooperation with the metallurgists of our mills,  we have reached the best inner structures in our materials, increasing their machinability and the mechanical stability of the finished piece. This also allows the preservation of the tool platelets, diminishing their wear.


Top-performance material properties, high technical skills and a careful production process make us the strategic choice that brings you to the finish line in first position.

Automatic machines

The architecture of automatic machines is composed by thousands of components produced with mechanical processing. In this complex sector, we have used all our experience studying and manufacturing components through molding and investment casting technologies with the goal of saving.