Sefa Acciai, TIG and Sefa Acciai Lavorazioni Meccaniche in particular needed to give their brands more strength, character, visibility and internationality, using graphics to express the group’s coherence and sense of belonging, and the level of innovation and progress our company history has always enjoyed.

Dear Customers, Dear Suppliers,

After 45 years, Sefa Holding group is renewing its brands, placing our customers, collaborators and partners at the centre of our new image.

Since Sefa Acciai was founded in 1978, the goal of its founder Mr. Bruno Conti has always been to focus on continual improvement, quality, and understanding market requirements. He is creating a business that has the technological and industrial development of its customers at heart.

Beginning with the distribution of tools steels, Sefa Acciai’s increasing expansion led to the foundation of TIG Titanium International Group in 1999, leader in the distribution and storage of titanium, steels and alloys for the Aerospace – Defence – Racing – Medical – Packaging markets, and Sefa Acciai Lavorazioni Meccaniche in 2004, which operates in machining according to customer drawing, for the moulds and dies market.

After years of work and growth, Sefa Holding Group is increasing the business in international markets and it decided to redesign its graphics, focusing on the evolution Sefa Holding Group has developed over the years.

Technology, reliability, expertise and service are the key words that have guided the business in our companies, with the goal of seeking continuous improvement. Growing also means recognising when the time for an evolution has come, in line with the progress and constant investments our group has made over the years.


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